2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

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2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

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Smooth and slightly sweet to start, followed with a tingle of honey and citrus notes. 2 GINGERS is a blended Irish whiskey that is distilled twice and aged 4 years in the mild climate of Ireland at the Kilbeggan Distillery, allowing its flavor to live well on its own or as a good base in cocktails.

Distilled twice, not thrice for distinctly uncommon Irish Whiskey experience.

A refreshing whiskey alternative that brings something delicious and unexpected.

Smooth, malty, slightly sweet with honey and citrus on the long, smooth finish.

Distilled twice, aged four years then blended with two types of Irish whiskey to create a delicious and easy to drink blended Irish whiskey.

Smooth and easy to mix, 2 GINGERS® has a versatility that makes it the perfect ingredient to create refreshing cocktails.

Mix a refreshing BIG GINGER cocktail at home: 1.5oz of 2 GINGERS®, top with Ginger ale and finish with a lemon and lime wedge. Enjoy!

Very versatile, perfect for mixing.

Matured for 4 years.

PROOF 80 | ABV 40% | AGING 4 years