A.A. Badenhorst The Curator White

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A.A. Badenhorst The Curator White

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The CURATOR is a range of dynamic wines that are selected after the vintage each year.

The grapes are grown in the Swartland region on the West Coast of Southern Africa. The vineyards are mostly bushvines growing in granite and slate soils, sourced from a number of traditional farmers. Chenin Blanc is the backbone and structure of this blend. The Chardonnay was naturally fermented and took a long time to complete fermentation, resulting in great texture and wacky aromas of dried peaches and apricots and ripe citrus. The Viognier, from one of Badenhorsts favorite growers and vineyards, completes the Swartland canvas and brings some spice and palate length to the wine.

Grapes are picked by hand, chilled overnight and then pressed to settling tanks. The following day the juice is drawn off into tanks for fermentation. The winemaking team lets the wine run its course. Six months after fermentation the wine is blended after a series of intense tastings and dinners with the blend options. The blend that is finished first at one of these dinners is chosen as the final blend.

Pairs with Pork, Rich Fish, Shellfish, Sweet Desserts, Fruity Desserts, Vegetarian, Poultry, Lean Fish

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