Allen's Coffee Brandy

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Allen's Coffee Brandy

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Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy is a 60 proof naturally flavored coffee brandy, made from the extract of real imported coffee beans. Proudly produced in Somerville, Massachusetts by M.S. Walker, a fifth generation family run spirits manufacturer and distributor, Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy is a New England treasure and a true favorite in Maine.


Allen’s earned its name from Leo Allen, who joined M.S. Walker, his father-in-law’s business, soon after it was founded and prohibition repealed in the early 1930’s. Fast forward about thirty years to the late ’60s, where Allen's is sold and distributed mostly in "Downeast" Maine. There it became a staple of fishermen, who added a warming splash to their coffee.

Allen's Today

Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy now satiates Maine’s coffee hankerings in nearly every corner of the state. It has become, in fact, an almost cultural rite of passage – a beverage shared between generations of Mainers. Allen's is a Maine tradition, often served as part of the much loved Sombrero (1 part Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy, 1 part Milk), as well as in many unique coffee cocktails. Allen's Coffee Brandy is even used as an ingredient in gourmet doughnuts and gelato!