André Spumante California Sparkling Wine

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André Spumante California Sparkling Wine

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Light and sugary, André Spumante is a California Champagne that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Try this Spumante California Champagne, and you'll be treated to warm fruity flavors with a crisp aftertaste. Best served chilled and perfect for dessert, barbecues, or lazy summer nights with your best friends in tow.

The first thing you'll notice about any Spumante California Champagne is the massive amount of bubbles pouring out of the bottle. Next time you need a little fizz, or just a sweet alternative to Brut, reach for this California take on an Italian classic.

Besides, it's fun to say the name out loud. Try it: "Spumante."

Pairs with Apéritif, Appetizers / Snacks, Shellfish

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