Avión Añejo Tequila

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Avión Añejo Tequila

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Color: Rich Amber

Aroma: Roasted agave with woody notes and hints of peach and cherry

Taste: Luxuriously soft and rich with hints of vanilla, caramel, coconut, and maple

Age: Two years (twice as long as the industry standard)

40% ABV

A favorite of Whiskey drinkers when they are looking to be more social. A perfect balance between the roasted agave and aged oak.

Tequila Avión’s unparalleled quality and flavor is the result of three key factors:

1. AVIÓN AGAVE: Estate grown at 7,000 feet above sea level creates a richer and naturally sweeter tequila.

2. SLOW ROASTING: Avión agave is slow roasted in brick ovens for 72 hours to bring out the natural flavors.

3. PROPRIETARY FILTRATION: Avión's proprietary ultra-slow filtration system creates a delicious smooth profile that is great neat or in cocktails.