Bacardi Major Lazer Limited Edition Rum

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Bacardi Major Lazer Limited Edition Rum

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The aroma of the rum delivers notes of caramel, tropical fruit, allspice. Sipping the rum reveals notes of vanilla, pineapple, cherry, allspice, and astringent charcoal with a strong bite of alcohol. All of these flavors merge and flatten in an oily bitter wood finish.

BACARDÍ Major Lazer Limited Edition Rum is a blend of light and dark rums that have been tropically aged between 3 and 4 years. The rum was designed as a collaboration between the electronic dance music trio, Major Lazer, composed of record producers Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, and the BACARDÍ Maestros de Ron.

Major Lazer partnered with BACARDÍ recently on a “Sound of Rum” initiative to foster both existing and developing talent from the Caribbean, from where BACARDÍ originates. Major Lazer has long been inspired by the Caribbean, with two of its members hailing from the islands.

To feel the inspiration of the Caribbean, mix it with your favorite juice or in a refreshing Tropical Storm cocktail.

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