Bombay London Dry Gin

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Bombay London Dry Gin

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Using eight exotic botanicals, our classic London Dry Gin offers a more traditional taste with strong juniper flavors and a powerful dry finish.

OUR ESSENTIAL EIGHT: Unlike many other gins, we use eight botanicals to create our London Dry taste. Each one is hand-picked to preserve its individual qualities to add to this wonderfully classic blend.

INFUSED WITH CARE: To craft our gin we vapour infuse our botanicals, never ever boil them. By distilling our ingredients this way, we're able to draw out every last drop of their distinctive flavours.

ORIGINAL IN EVERY WAY: Bombay Dry is still based on the same time-honoured recipe from 1761. Our unique vapour infusion process, used to distil all Bombay gins, delicately extracts the best from each botanical.

80 Proof.