Bosca Verdi Spumante

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Bosca Verdi Spumante

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Verdi Spumante is a natural sparkling beverage imported from Italy.

Deliciously sparkling and zesty, it has a soft and fruity flavor. Serve chilled to fully enjoy its balanced, clean, delightful taste.

Verdi Spumante is a perfect crowd pleaser for every occasion. Its elegant taste appeals to all…and its re-sealable cork closure preserves the sparkle until you’re ready for the next glass.

This malt beverage with natural flavors is the new fun drink alternative and the fastest growing sparkling Italian Spumante in the U.S.!

5% alc./vol.

Pairs with Spicy Food, Sweet Desserts, Poultry, Vegetarian, Pork, Rich Fish

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