Francis Ford Coppola Rosso & Bianco Pinot Grigio

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Francis Ford Coppola Rosso & Bianco Pinot Grigio

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A refreshing Pinot Grigio modeled after the white wines on the Coppola dinner table.

Fruit is harvested in the late evening and brought into the winery in the early morning to ensure fermentation occurs under cool conditions.

Named for the gray color that the grapes turn at full ripeness, Pinot Grigio requires diligence so that the grapes are picked at the precise moment they reach full flavor, but before they turn dark in color. This light, crisp, versatile wine is sourced from two regions: The Pinnacles Bench in Monterey and Clarksburg just outside of Lodi. Pinnacles Bench fruit is influenced by cool coastal conditions, while our Clarksburg grapes develop more ripeness owing to fertile soils and a warmer climate. When blended together, we create a wine with full, ripe flavors and balanced acidity.

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