Grey Goose Le Melon Vodka

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Grey Goose Le Melon Vodka

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We start with GREY GOOSE, made using single-origin French wheat from Picardie and natural spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue. Our Cellar Master adds the concentrated aromatic essence of handpicked melons from Cavaillon in the South of France.

NOSE: A pleasing bouquet of ripe Cavaillon melon, with added subtle notes of melon rind and hints of banana and pear.

PALATE: Naturally bright and full bodied, with strong overtones of melon, leading into lighter notes of white citrus and almond.

FINISH: Exquisite, silky honey rich flavour, with bold front notes of Cavaillon melon and a smooth semi-dry finish of subtle almond and wheat.