Hornitos Black Barrel

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Hornitos Black Barrel

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Hornitos Black Barrel starts as a premium, aged Anejo, then spends four months in deep charred oak barrels to give it rich, smoky flavor and a golden amber color. It spends an additional two months in specially toasted barrels for more depth and distinct complexity. Easy to drink and unforgettably smooth, Hornitos Black Barrel was the most highly awarded tequila since 2014. Our unique Hornitos® Black Barrel Tequila is aged like a whiskey, providing the perfect twist on a traditional Manhattan or Old Fashioned cocktail.

Made with 100% Agave

Hornitos® Black Barrel® is aged as Hornitos® Anejo then double-aged in whiskey barrels to create a unique Anejo tequila with whiskey characteristics.

Premium tequila and whiskey consumers will appreciate the smooth agave taste with distinct whiskey notes of Hornitos® Black Barrel®.

The toasted oak imparts a creamier, vanilla character to add depth and complexibty.

Best sipped slowly or mixed in a classic cocktail like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Crafted as tequila, aged like bourbon.

Hornitos® is the #2 selling premium tequila brand family.

PROOF 80 | ABV 40%

AGING At least 1 year, with 4 months in charred oak barrels and 2 months in specially toasted barrels