Peter Vella Merlot

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Peter Vella Merlot

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You can think of Merlot as a softer, even friendlier, version of a Cabernet Sauvignon. Peter Vella Merlot, in particular, has a lighter mouthfeel and a fresher taste that people really seem to appreciate. It's easy-to-enjoy style marries well with the prominent but delicate flavors of ripe raspberry and cherry.

Peter's Serving Tip: Our Merlot is a lighter-bodied wine, which means it pairs extremely well with heavier dishes like pasta. I like to highlight the raspberry fruit of this wine with the foods I prepare, so I'll usually pair it with a rich homemade tomato sauce with Italian sausage over spaghetti. All I need then is a little salad and some fresh-baked garlic bread and I'm all set!

Residual Sugar: 0.9 g/100ml

Alcohol: 11%

Size: 5 Liters

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