Peter Vella White Zinfandel

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Peter Vella White Zinfandel

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Bright flavors of fresh strawberries and ripe watermelon make Peter Vella White Zinfandel a stand-out when it comes to delivering flavor and consistently high quality. You'll be sure to appreciate the wine's light body, and its crisp, clean finish complements the bright fruit characters with an easy grace and charm. Enjoy!

Peter's Serving Tip: Served slightly chilled, our White Zinfandel is made for long summer afternoons spent in the company of good friends. Of course, friends can get hungry, so why not bring out a tempting assortment of their favorite appetizers - Chinese potstickers, shrimp quesadillas, miniature quiches, or everyone's favorite, pigs-in-a-blanket. Or try it with Hawaiian chicken skewers fresh off the grill, accompanied by a savory wild rice pilaf.

Residual Sugar: 3.6 g/100ml

Alcohol: 8%

Size: 5 Liters

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