Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser Double IPA

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Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser Double IPA

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Bold, citrusy, and piney, our double IPA isn’t just a bigger version of Samuel Adams Rebel IPA. Instead we explored a different balance of hop character, including Bravo & Galaxy hops, and upped the ante on their flavor and expression for a brew that is intense yet enjoyable through every sip.

Malt Varieties: Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend

Hop Varieties: Bravo, Galaxy, Zeus, Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo

Availability: Year-round 6-pack 12 oz bottles, Pack of Rebels Variety Pack

Color: Deep amber, SRM: 11

Alc by Vol / Wt: 8.4% ABV / 6.5% ABW

IBUs: 85

Calories: 252