Stella Rosa Peach

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Stella Rosa Peach

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For peach lovers, the wine for them is the delightful Stella Rosa Peach. This wine is not like any other wines out there – not only are peach-flavored wines uncommon, no one makes lovely semi-sweet, semi-sparkling peach wine like Stella Rosa and the San Antonio Winery, the winery that owns and produces Stella Rosa Wines in Italy, then imports them to the United States.

What makes Stella Rosa Peach so unique? This wine is produced primarily with the Moscato grape with various other varietals as well. On top of that, a custom blend of peach essence is added for a special touch. Besides the obvious taste and flavor of peach, there is a bit of honey to be found. Stella Rosa Peach wine is best served chilled, but every person has their preference! Fresh fruit, cheese, desserts, and spicy cuisine compliment Stella Rosa Peach wine very well, as do fresh salads and fruit tarts.

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