The Empiric Gin

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The Empiric Gin

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The Empiric Gin is centered around the merger of classic botanicals such as juniper and coriander along side west coast staples such as hops, rosemary, lavender,  and the unique addition of lemon verbena imparting the gin's citrus tones. Epically floral yet well balanced.

Name and packaging are inspired from the historical 'Empiric Death Doctors’ noted to have worn beak-like masks stuffed with aromatic botanicals and said to have used various juniper based tinctures to ward off such ailments as the plague. Their practices are thought to be one of the early origin myths of Gin itself.

750ml/40% ABV

All of our spirits are crafted from scratch: brewed, fermented, distilled, and bottled on-site.

We source only 100% BC grown agricultural fermentables and grow many of our own botanicals.