The Pogues Irish Whiskey

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The Pogues Irish Whiskey

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The Original Irish Whiskey of the Legendary Band.

This whiskey is a measure of who we are, made with the sole intention of spreading that same raucous joy.

The Whiskey

The Pogues Irish Whiskey is a unique blend of 50% 10-year single malt Irish whiskey aged in sherry oak casks and seven year old single malt Irish whiskey aged in bourbon oak casks and 50% four year Irish grain whiskey aged in bourbon oak casks. The liquid has an aroma of malts and cracked nuts, with a sweet taste, and a smooth, intense flavor. Notably, West Cork is Ireland’s only whiskey producer to malt its own barley, enabling exceptional precision, and control over flavor profile. It is distilled using ingredients indigenous to Ireland, including locally grown grain and spring water from the idyllic River Ilen. It’s carefully crafted in small batches in handmade copper stills at West Cork’s distillery in Skibbereen, the cultural home of Irish whiskey.

The Distillers

Our whiskey is made by West Cork Distillers, one of Ireland’s last independent distilleries. From humble beginnings and the coming together of a Master Blender and his two fisherman friends it now has become a global success, built on friendship and a passion for innovation and quality. The Distillery is based in Skibbereen in the heart of West Cork, the cultural home of Irish Whiskey.

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