Wint & Lila London Dry Gin

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Wint & Lila London Dry Gin

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With the huge success of Gin Mare, there is no doubt about Spain being a major player in the international gin business. Wint & Lila is further proof of the impeccable status of Spain's master distillers. The London dry gin is manufactured in the coast village of Puerto de Santa María, which is also the headquarters of the innovative soft drink brand Indi & Co.

Wint & Lila is produced with the use of the small batch method in seven small alembic stills. The gin is distilled five times and mixed with soft water, which grants a mild and soft spirit. Said spirit is then aromatised with ten fine botanicals: juniper berries, orange blossoms, coriander seeds, angelica and angelica root, cinnamon, peppermint as well as peels from lemon, lime, and orange. The London dry gin is filled into bottles that come with an exterior layer of white clay and an inner layer made of glass.

If you prefer it fresh and fizzy, Wint & Lila is without a doubt the right kind of gin for you. Its Mediterranean scent of lemons and oranges alone will amaze anyone willing to escape the drab monotony of everyday life!

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